Press Release Submission is a process to tell about your new events, new news, services, and products of your Company, Business, or Organisation (through PR Sites) and submit to PR sites. If, we talk in SEO language Press Release is an off-page activity that will help you to promote your business, events, services, or products on the web. It helps to improve the Search Engine Optimization of your site. By submitting the Press Release Activity (with attractive content) of your company you can engage the people on your Website and you will get many profits, gain traffic & increase sales very quickly. With the help of this activity, people become attentive that what is happenings on your website and it is very beneficial for you. There are two types of Press Release Submission Sites. These are:

  • Free
  • Paid

There are many differences between both sites.

Free PR Submission Sites-

Free PR Submission Sites provide you with only basic services. If you have increased your popularity and coverage of Social Media Platforms then you can not achieve in Free PR Submission Sites. If you want basic services then you go for Free PR Submission Sites because in that case there is no gain in spending money. That’s why firstly you set your goal and then decide what will get you benefit free or paid.

Paid PR Submission Sites-

In Paid PR Submission Sites, you have to spend money on this activity. There are so many Paid sites of PR Submission Sites like- 24-7 Press Releases, PR Underground, Business Wire, PR Newswire & So on….. If these sites take your money then surely they will provide you with more services as compared to basic services. If you want amazing services for your business, company, etc. then you should take the services of these paid sites, they help you to achieve your goal. There are some benefits of Paid PR Submission Sites-

  • Gaining more Traffic and sales
  • High Leads
  • Good reach among major news
  • It is a long-term submission, it will work for many years to come
  • Build an Online Reputation for your Website
  • Build backlinks to your website
  • Improve the popularity of links
  • You don’t need to spend money on other paid services, it is easy to find in google searches
  • Trust of visitors to your website

Why Press Release Submission is necessary?

Press Release Submission is one of the off-page activities. It is a few effective ways that can promote the value of your brand. If you have added new services, new products, or new news. Then you are ready to write a unique Press Release on your new thing. It is similar to Blog Submission and Article Submission. It can help you a lot to submit the press release. It will allow you to grab the attention of your readers.

Steps to Submit Press Release Submission Sites

  • Search the Press Release Submission Sites
  • Create an Account & fill in the required details
  • Verify your account
  • Then you should add the title, category, summary, contact, email, and as the site required.
  • After that you will be waiting for the approval link, once your press release is approved, it will be published.

Top Free Press Release Submission Sites-

  • PR.Com – The most basic package is free
  • PR Free – Free services allow hyperlinks, social share button
  • Press Release Point – Distributing a press release to 20 PR Sites

Top Paid Press Release Submission Sites- 

  • PR Newswire – Claims the largest press release distribution network of media, website & Social channels
  • 24-7 Press Release – Specialist in the press release distribution services for all small to medium size Business

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